I am passionate about using insights from the behavioural neurosciences to design digital technology that is sensitive to human limitations and biases, particularly in relation to attention and self-regulation.

I have a highly interdisciplinary background and try to integrate best practices from many work spheres, such as using tools from large-scale event management to structure academic projects.

Technical skills: Data analysis and programming (R and Python); static data visualisations (R and ggplot2), interactive visualisations (D3, shiny); web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Drupal, Jekyll + GitHub).

Professional skills: Event production and team leadership, public speaking, teaching.

Languages: Danish (native level), English (native level), Spanish (intermediate), Arabic (beginner-intermediate), German (beginner-intermediate), French (beginner).

Personal interests: Travelling & couchsurfing, dancing (Cuban salsa and swing), playing music (whatever instruments I can get my hands on, and ideally with the Karaoke Collective)


2016 to 2020 Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Computer Science
Advisor: Sir Nigel Shadbolt
Thesis: Ulysses in Cyberspace: Distraction and Self-Regulation in Social Machines
2012 to 2013 MSc in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Oxford
Advisor: Oliver Curry
Thesis: Fundamental Motivations and Risk-Taking: Loss Aversion in Context
2011 to 2016 MA in the Study of Religion and Psychology
Advisor: Uffe Schjødt
Thesis: What I Hate, That Do I: Religion as a Cultural Tool for Cognitive Control
2007 to 2011 BA in Psychology and the Study of Religion, Aarhus University
Advisor: Jesper Sørensen
Thesis: Priming Effects of Religious Concepts on Moral Judgment